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Books from 9th June to 7th July 2011 )

I haven’t really read that many great books recently, apart from the Chalet School ones, which is a shame. Everything has been a bit disappointing really! But at least I have them out of the way, and my pile of books for the car boot sale is growing! I’m currently reading a book which I have seen to be quite badly reviewed previously, but its ok so far…and next I’m going to try Midnight’s Children, which I’m looking forward to. Just in time for my parents to come back from India with all their photos as well! I haven’t done too well with reading books from the 1001 books to read before you die recently, so that will be a start again. I think I might just concentrate more on reading the books I have that I haven’t read, and then go back to the library to get more books in September.

As for general life things…I’ve started the next OU course I’ve signed up for, its just psychology this time, and its been interesting so far. Just waiting for the mark from my first essay now! The next one isn’t due until September, although I want to get it done before Bloodstock in August really. And talking of Bloodstock I’ve met a few more metallers recently, so I’m getting increasingly excited about that, (Bloodstock I mean, not the metallers, though they are cool, haha!) even though I keep forgetting what bands are playing! I know when I go I’ll find loads to go and see though. It’ll be great :D I don’t have any more gigs to go to until September apart from that, which is a bit of a shame!

I hope everyone reading this has been well and been doing fun things! :)

Books etc.

May. 27th, 2011 03:42 pm
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Books from 9th May to 26th May 2011 )

Wow. Well it does look like that I’ve read 91 books this year – but not 91 “proper” adult books! I’ve read 91 books in total, but “proper” adult novels is a lot less, as a lot of them were childrens or poetry, which aren’t any less good than adult novels of course, but they do take me a lot less time to read. I’m pleased I’m getting through so many books though, as I now can actually tell that I’m getting through the piles of books I have to read in my bedroom, which is good!

In terms of other “media”, I still haven’t got round to writing reviews of all the films I’ve seen so far, but the last one I saw was Pirates of the Caribbean 4, in the cinema, which was actually great! I really enjoyed the first three and the new one is just as good. There haven’t been many films which have come out recently which I have wanted to see, so I’m glad it was good. Plus I’ve also just discovered the series “Are You Being Served”, and it is so great!! So funny, I love it! :D Can’t believe I’ve never got into it before. I think its because the characters are so well drawn and have such distinct, erm, characters, its really good. I’m really into “characters” at the moment, as I’ve read some books with some really good characters in as well.

In terms of general life things, generally happy at the moment…going to Slimelight for a friend’s birthday tomorrow, which should be great! Also another friend who has only recently got into EBM / industrial music is coming along with their friends, which should also be great, I haven’t seen them for a while. Oh and I’ve just started my next OU course, its one which is just psychology, and from what I’ve read so far is really interesting! I’m really looking forward to working through it. The last essay for the previous course was incredibly boring, so I’m really glad I’ve got that all done now!
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Hmmm well I've started with this Dreamwidth thing as Livejournal has been a bit dodgy recently, and I don't want to lose everything I write! It seems like you can import everything you've written in Livejournal to here, so I will do that too, just for a back up! And hopefully this will be crossposting to Livejournal as well (which is probably where people are reading this, if anyone is reading it!) Dreamwidth seems almost identical to Livejournal at the moment though, which is nice.

I'm going to carry on with short reviews of the books I've been reading. These have all been from the library, so thats good, I like to support the library - even though it didn't have half the books I wanted to get! But I did manage to get 8 books which are on the "1001" list, so that was ok.

Books Read from 27th March - 10th April

62. Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey - set mainly in Australia, about two people, their lives and how misunderstandings and people not saying what they really mean can really change people's lives...it was quite good.

63. Troubles by JG Farrell - I really enjoyed this and will definitely be reading more books by this author. About a huge crumbling hotel in Ireland, about a visitor there and the residents, mixed in with something about the "troubles" in Ireland. I found this really interesting as I haven't really read much about Ireland before.

64. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner - really disliked this book. I think it was about a family and how they lived, but I didn't get any sense of a narrative, it was just a series of conversations, without anything which really drove the story on.

65. The Collector by John Fowles - this was an excellent book - definitely am going to get more of his books! About a man who stalked a girl and then kidnapped her, with tragic consequences. You really felt like you were able to get into their heads (both the girl and the kidnapper) and knew how they felt. The ending was excellently written.

66. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell - this was another good book, about a young woman and her family moving from the country to an industrial town in the 19th century, and how the change of place affected them. There were lots about the rights of workers and things, which I liked.

I'm currently re-reading "Regeneration" by Pat Barker, for my book club. I'm really interested in what other people think of this book, as I really enjoy it.

I've got some gigs to write about, and some really fun weekends I've had (Resistanz Festival in Sheffield was excellent!!), but I think I'm going to go and do some more Open University work at the moment - I'm on the last but one essay of my current course, yay, and have signed up for another course which is just psychology, so I'm really looking forward to reading the textbook for that. Its weird though - in my current course they've given a week to read the chapters and do the associated activities, but in the next course they've given 2 weeks per chapter, when the chapters don't seem to be any longer! So I think I might have this one done rather quicker than they expect!
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I really love the whole Christmas dinner, I really enjoy roast dinners anyway, and at Christmas when its all a little bit nicer (i.e. more expensive, hehe!) makes it even nicer. My favourite individual things are bread sauce - which we never have any other time of year! - the chicken - we don't have turkey, my mum just buys an expensive chicken from M&S - and the roast potatoes, which my mum somehow manages to make them taste amazing!

We also have this tradition in my family of having croissants on Christmas morning, with butter and strawberry jam. Yummy!

My least favourite, unfortunately, are the main vegetables you have with a Christmas dinner - brussel sprouts and carrots! My mum usually does some other vegetable as well though. Oh and I'm not so keen on Christmas pudding or mince pies - but we have trifle instead!

I'm sure you're all thrilled to know this about my Christmas dinner. haha! I wasn't very excited about Christmas until today, as I had a OU essay which I was finding extremely boring, but I've done that now so can relax a bit. And its not due in until 11th January, so I'm really ahead on the course, which is good as I'm planning to start another one before this one ends! :)
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Gah, I haven't written in here for ages - I have loads of book and film reviews to do as well :( I'm going to try and do the book reviews as this was the main reason why I decided to regularly write in here, and then maybe catch up on the rest of the things when I have time off work over Christmas or something. I like writing in here, and I really feel like it's improved how I write, even in essays and things, so I know I should keep it up. I've been doing really well on my OU work at the moment, so I'm really pleased about that and should have the next essay done before Christmas. The course isn't all exactly what I want to study, but each chapter does have some interesting bits in even if the main focus is a bit boring to me. I'm glad I'm doing it, and am looking forward to getting onto the "proper" psychology courses :)

But anyway, book reviews...

Book Ninety Nine - Letters from the Mary Rose by Charles Knighton and D.M. Loades

This was a bit different from how I thought it would be. It is collection of letters written from and about the Mary Rose in the 16th century. I thought it would be mainly about it's voyages, and then of course about it's sinking. However, it is mainly letters written with lists of equipment needed and purchased for the ship, and then people complaining about how they don't have everything they need for the voyages etc. There wasn't enough (I thought) about the people on the ship, and what Henry VIII and the people in the country thought of such a magnificent ship. There was a good section on it after it was suck, and attempts to raise it through the centuries. Overall it was an ok book, but better for someone more interested in the actual working of the ship. 6 / 10

Book One Hundred (woo!) - Impossible Love: Ascher Levy's Longing for Germany by Roman Frister

This books tells the story of the Levy family, who lived in Germany in the 19th and 20th century. It came from Roman Frister finding a suitcase full of documents about the family at an antiques market, researching the family and then writing a non-fiction "story" about what he had found out. It was done really well as it was written like fiction but with true historical facts and circumstances explained as well. I liked the way that everything that it described actually happened to this family, and of course the story came to its inevitable conclusion with the rise of Nazism. It was also good as it showed the rise of anti-semitism throughout the 19th and early 20th century, and how different areas treated Jews differently. I liked this book especially as it used a real story and a real family. Recommended! 9 / 10

Book One Hundred and One - Calcium Made Interesting by Graham Chapman, edited by Jim Yoakum

This is a collection of essays, lectures, letters, tv scripts, jokes and other things written by Graham Chapman. Each chapter is introduced by the editor, who gives a bit of a history / explanation for what was written. It has information about what Graham did before and after Monty Python, and how he got into comedy writing. Some of the things in the book are a *little* boring and don't have the same spark that Monty Python as a whole had, but I did especially like the lectures that Graham gave, and where he showed his opinions on certain subjects. Its clear that he was a very talented comedy writer, and its such a shame that he has died, as I would really have liked to have seen him perform / listen to him speak. Recommended if you're interested in Monty Python and British comedy. 8 / 10

I think what I'll do is try and do three or four reviews each day, or every few days, so I will get them all done. Some thoughts on reading )

woo! :D

Nov. 9th, 2010 10:38 am
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day 18 → whatever tickles your fancy

I'm glad its this today, so I can talk about my OU course! I've just got the result back from my first assignment and I got 82%!!! wooooo :D :D yay! I'm so happy with that, especially as other people on the facebook group were saying they were getting things like 40 and 50%, which I would have been a bit disappointed with. I was really worried I would have really misunderstood the question and got it all wrong. But luckily not! I think it was because, as I said before, people seemed to be having lots of problems with it and I found it relatively simple, so I thought I might have done it wrong. This is an excellent start, even though this course doesn't count towards the degree mark (I don't think it does anyway) but hopefully I can keep this standard up. Although saying that...I did start with good marks on my History degree when I was at uni, and that went downhill, but the circumstances in which I lived also went downhill, so that contributed to that I think. Anyway now I'm determined to do well in this, and I would be really interested in going into some kind of psychological research or something, so I have to do well in it. I've actually also realised that I didn't have to do all of this course, I could have done half this course and half another psychology course, but as I need more credits anyway to make up the degree, I think next I'll do the psychology course. It starts a month before my current course ends - but I'm already 2 weeks ahead on this course, so I should finish it early. And I feel like I'm not doing that much work on it (compared to the 12 hours a week it says to do I'm doing about 6), so I will do some more hours and get it done.

Oh I'm all excited and positive about it again, its great! Over the last week or so I'd got a bit fed up as the chapter I'm studying at the moment has gone a bit economic, which I'm not so interested in (although I know its important) but now I'm happy!

Now I have to think of a way to celebrate :D

the rest of the days )
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I had a really lovely evening last night, at the first meeting of a book club I've joined :) I really like talking about books and all the people were really nice, so it was great! Luckily the first book was one that I'd wanted to read for ages (The House of Special Purpose), so I really enjoyed it...and plus it (the book club) gives me an excuse to buy more books :D I can get them from the local library, but I do love buying books so I like to use any excuse! It made me think differently about the book as well, which was good. Its interesting how some people pick up on certain things in books which I didn't even think of...and I appeared to be the only person who didn't get the twist at the end!! But then again I am usually quite slow to pick up on those things - I described the book to Katie and she got it straight away, without even reading it, haha. Although in my defence I must say that the twist was extremely historically innaccurate, so what it turned out to be didn't even cross my mind. But it was still a really great book, I hope the next one we're reading is as good!

I'm getting a bit behind on a few things - silly things like the challenge days on here, and also serious things like my OU course! Well strictly speaking I'm not behind *yet* - as I was ahead by a couple of weeks anyway, but for a while I haven't really done any work on it! I think its due to me going away for the weekend and not doing anything then, and this week I have been out every evening, which is unusual for me. I have a quiet weekend coming up though, so I'll try and get lots of it done then. Its really interesting so I'm a bit frustrated with myself for not doing it!

Going back to the "challenge" days, I'm going to miss out the "non-fiction book" one for now, and go on to the next one, as I'm reading a non-fiction book at the moment so when I've finished that I'll use that review for it! I'm not so sure about the day I've got to do next though...see below for my thoughts on it!!

day 15 → a fanfic )

the rest of the days )

I've also planning to write a review of Whitby - with photos, as I don't post enough photos on here! And I've got another brilliant book to review...but I'll maybe do that tomorrow. I'm planning to go see Burke and Hare at the weekend as well, so that should be interesting - I've read some bad reviews, but I hope its not as bad as everyone is saying!
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....I've finished my archaeology questions! woo! :) That was definately the hardest thing I've done in a long time - which I suppose was good, as it really challenged me, but still, I'm glad its over. I just don't have a science mind! I just need to check I've formatted it all right and then submit it this evening! I'm really looking forward to starting the next course, so that should be great :)

This is the book which I can't remember what its about, so apologies if the review isn't too good!!

Book 71 - Utterly Monkey by Nick Laird

This is about a man, Danny, who lives in London and has a good job, when an old friend, Geordie, from his childhood home in Ireland comes to his door and ends up staying with him. Geordie is fleeing some kind of trouble which he got into in Ireland, to do with some money that he owed some people (I think), and he also arranges for his girlfriend to come over and stay at Danny's as well. Danny just wants to forget about his past, but Geordie brings it all back to him. Because I can't remember much of the story, it obviously wasn't particularly memorable, but I think it wasn't too bad a read, quite entertaining. If this is the only thing there, read it, but there are other books read them first! :) 5 / 10
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....and I've never felt so strongly anti-Catholic. Despite not being Catholic (I consider myself Christian), I went to a Catholic school and some of the hypocrisy shown there was just disgusting. I remember having to write several essays over my years there about why I didn't want to go to the Masses they had, in which I explained it was because I came to the school for their high level of educational standards and (supposed) Christian ethic, not for the Catholic teaching. There are so many beliefs of theirs which I disagree with, even though I agree with other branches of the Christian faith. Why can't women be ordained as priests? Why do they basically "worship" the Pope when they believe theres a perfectly good God they can talk to. Why are they so incredibly stupid about contraception? Why do they think that all their sins are "forgiven" just because their priest tells them to say a few Hail Marys?

I also don't get why everyone is making such a huge fuss about the Pope coming here. Its not like he's a recluse who only comes out of his house a few times a year. If you go to Rome you can see him take Mass in St Peter's Square every Wednesday (I think its Wednesday), like we did when we went there - although we didn't go see him because he's The Pope, just because he's another "famous" person to add to our list!! I know its all the way across Europe, but I think Catholics are supposed to make pilgrimages to places, and you would think Rome would be pretty high on their list!

But anyway. Less of that annoying topic! The next book I'm due to review I read so long ago that I actually can't remember what its about!! Which probably means it wasn't too great. So I'll have to go home and read the back so I can write a review of it. I'm almost catching up though, as I seem to be reading slower - but maybe I'm reading less as I've been doing so much OU work recently. Just finishing off the last few bits on my Archaeology questions, and then I have the Intro to Social Sciences course to start, which looks good! Not really sure where to start with it yet though - theres a textbook, and then two "study guides", 6 cds / DVDs and a booklet with the questions in....maybe I'll start with the questions.

Katie is coming home tomorrow, yay! and then we're going to Ozzfest at the O2 Arena on Saturday. Well, I hope we're going, as I've just read that the Ozzy concert in Germany tonight has been cancelled as Ozzy has a bad back.....but hopefully *something* will still go ahead even if Ozzy has to pull out. Ah well...we will wait and see!!

Edited to Add: I've just noticed that all the adverts on my LJ at the moment are advertising scientology!! I seem to get either ones advertising that, or ones written in Hebrew - how do they choose what adverts are on each persons page??
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My current complaint at work: HR and their forms. They're the HR department, why are they asking ME for payroll details, they should have them! Pah! Plus they ask us to complete the forms on the computer, but make them really difficult to type into. I could never work in HR, too many fiddly little processes! But anyway, on with me catching up on my book reviews!

Book Seventy - Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom )

And in other news - almost finished my archaeology course, woo! :D Just got the questions to finish now, then I'll submit them on Sunday I think. Quite good timing really, as I think I'll get more information, and hopefully some books, for my next course, Introduction to Social Sciences, on Saturday. It starts in October, but I like to start early! :)

Plus I'm going to have a great day tomorrow hopefully, I'm planning to go to Buckingham Palace (state Rooms, Queens Gallery and the Royal Mews), and possibly a photography exhibition at Tate Britain too. Then I'll come home and watch some of the tv and films which I have recorded and bought recently and haven't had a chance to watch yet! :)
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I've actually got quite a few books and films to write about, but I just don't seem to have the creativity to think of something to write at the moment! Though the good news is that I've just read a brilliant book (Arthur and George by Julian Barnes), had a great day at Katie's graduation last week, had a great game of badminton today, and I've got back into doing my Archaeology course, which I haven't done for about a month! The topic I'm studying now is really interesting though, more interesting than the first topic, so I hope the rest continues like this! At the weekend I'm planning to sign up for the next course I want to do, Introduction to the Social Sciences, or something like that :) Hopefully it'll be as interesting as the first psychology course I did, although its not all psychology. Work is quite good at the moment as well, I'm doing some really interesting things, so thats good :) Ooh and tomorrow I'm going to see Toy Story 3, which sounds like its great! :)

Maybe tomorrow evening I'll find some creativity and do all my reviews!
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Another update...now fully updated! :D

Book Forty Two - Birdman by Mo Hayder )

Gig at Slimelight featuring Nightporter, The Mumbles, Luxury Stranger and Voices of Masada, with XP8 during the night )

Gig - Anathema )

Book Forty Three - The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold )

Book Forty Four - The People's Manifesto by Mark Thomas )

Book Forty Five - The Last Dickins by Matthew Pearl )

Book Forty Six - I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne )

To keep up with my goal for the year (10 books a month), I'll have to read four more books by Monday...I might read 3, but 4 might be a bit much! For the last few weeks the Times has been giving away books with it, a few of them look really good, and some are lesser known novels by famous authors, so they should be good. I might read a few of these to catch up as they are quite short! :)

Currently watching the second part of "Money", the adaptation of Martin Amis' novel, starring Nick Frost. I haven't read the book, but I have quite enjoyed the adaptation. Plus it has lots of great 80s music, even the mainstream stuff is really good. Hmm now they seem to be in the Winchester..haha.

This OU Archaeology course I'm doing is quite different from the other course, theres a lot more things to actually do and work out instead of it just being reading, but it is interesting. Although it has made me glad I didn't choose to do archaeology at uni - its a bit too much maths and science rather than just history. But still good! :)
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I mentioned in my last book entry that I had to read five books in a week to keep up with my target - well I almost achieved it! Although I did cheat a little by reading crime books, which take me about 2 days to read each! And the other book I read was a very stereotypical one..haha.

Book Thirty Five - Dracula by Bram Stoker )

Book Thirty Six - The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen )

Book Thirty Seven - Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs )

These are all the books I've read in April - and I think I'm going to post a link to the reviews on the Bookish community now. Not sure whether they're going to shoot my reviews down in flames, but I'll see! And it might get more people reading and commenting on them, which would be good.

I'm currently reading Riders On The Storm, by John Densmore. Its about the Doors, and by the drummer of the Doors, so its really good so far (about half way in). I like to read books about bands by the bands themselves, otherwise things do probably get misreported.

Oh and I went to a gig! :)
Gig - Code 64 at Slimelight )

Apart from that, Slimelight was excellent. Its been great the last few times I've been, I really want to go more often. The food is great as well - which seems a weird thing to say about a club, but its such a good idea to have food! Sophy had some really lovely chilli with rice. Such a shame that Katie can't come back from uni more and go though :( But when she comes back we will definately have to go! :)

Today I haven't really done anything as in going out, but its been a very productive day - I wrote my last essay for my current OU course, even though I can't submit it until June!! So now I'm going to go and look for another one to do. I think I will do another 10 point course, probably the Archaeology one as I've always been interested in that, and then the Heritage course, but after that I'm not sure whether to concentrate on psychology courses, or just do ones which I am interested in..I might try one of the level one courses which you have to do for the Psychology degree, and see what thats like. Is it sad to get exciting about degrees and studying though, because I am! :D
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Well I haven’t written in here for a while – I’ll just say that all the book reading has meant I haven’t had time, but I have had a really busy couple of weeks. It was my birthday and Katie’s birthday so we went out a few times for both of those, and then I’ve been trying to get my second OU essay done, now I finally have the feedback from the first one. I did well on the first one though, just one bit where I forgot to answer a bit of the question – forgot to say which bit of the essay I found easy – but that was really hard as I actually found it all quite easy! So maybe that’s why I missed it out. The second one I will send off today and then get on with the third one at the weekend. Although I can’t submit it until June or something, at least I will have it done. And then I can get on with the archaeology course, which should be good! From the sound of the course it sounds really sciencey, but as I found the psychology one so easy, and the archaeology one is of the same level, I don’t think it’ll be too much. I am ok at science, just not as good as most people I know, haha.

For Katie’s birthday I went up to see her on the Thursday before, and then her party was on the Friday. It was great! The theme was Tim Burton, and quite a few people dressed up. Katie was in a black and white stripy outfit, Ben was Jack Skellington, Hannah was the white queen, and others. I was the ladybird from James and the Giant Peach! :D as I handily had a ladybird costume from Katie’s last birthday party, and luckily Tim Burton produced the film. Probably no one knew who I was supposed to be though. We had a bit of a party, including cocktails, fish and chips, pass the parcel, and lots of black and white sweets, then went to Camel, which was the same as normal! Too much music which I used to listen to before I really go into alternative music (ska, in other words) and no good metal, they’re supposed to be an alternative night and I’ve never heard an Iron Maiden song there, which is just not right! Although they do play some good songs, like NIN, Manson, Rob Zombie etc. I think one of the DJs likes NIN, we requested NIN and he played Capital G, which was great, as its not one of the most popular songs, and it cleared the dance floor (apart from us of course!) but he still played it. And then a slightly obscure Manson song (can’t remember what it was now!) which kept the dance floor clear, but it was great there was someone who was willing to play songs which aren’t the most popular ones of a certain band. The back room was playing indie, and they actually played some good songs, Joy Division and some other goth things. We finished that evening with some nice food from Noodle Bar – that’s becoming one of my favourite Chineses I think, along with the Dragon Garden and the one in Leverstock Green.

The next day we went to Bradford, where we had booked to see Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX. It was really great, despite the fire alarm in the middle!

Film 19 )

I will edit this later to add a great picture of everyone in their 3D glasses!

After the film we went to Frankie and Bennys and had dinner, which was really nice. I had a chicken carbonara calzone (I think that’s what it was called) – which was basically pasta carbonara with chicken in, in a folded pizza instead of with pasta! Yummy!

The next day was Katie’s birthday, and as she was going to see HIM in the evening in Manchester, we didn’t stay too long, but just travelled home. It was a really great weekend – just as great as the next weekend! :D which I think I should talk about in the next entry as this has gone on far too long so far…..
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This week has been good, I’m feeling a lot better about the OU course now. I spoke to the tutor on the phone, which was a little scary, but not as bad as I thought it would be. She seemed to think that I would get on fine with the course, as I am doing, and said it was great that I was so far ahead, which is good, as I wasn’t sure if it was almost “allowed” or not. Although I have now submitted my first essay, the day after the course was officially supposed to begin, haha. And I’ve written the introduction of the next one! So that’s all good! It’s the Rock Night tonight, not sure yet if I am going to go (as I always end up disappointed!), as I’m going to London tomorrow so want to get up early…I’ll see how I feel later though. I’ve also read two good books which week, so that’s good!

Books Twenty and Twenty One )

The next book I plan to read is Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell, which I borrowed from my grandad. After reading Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, I am really interested in reading more historical novels – although I love history I have read surprisingly few of them, apart from Phillippa Gregory, and novels set in the 19th Century, so hopefully this will be good.

Tomorrow I’m going to London to look at a photography exhibition at the Portrait Gallery. I don’t often like to pay too much for exhibitions (although I always donate money when I visit museums and galleries etc) but I think this one is £10, and that’s ok as I haven’t been to anything like that for ages and ages! Then I think I will probably go to Camden – I need to buy some things for my costume for Katie’s party next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to find them there. I am *really* looking forward to it next week, Katie always has great birthday parties, and as we’re going up on Thursday night and not coming back til Sunday, its like a mini holiday!  The next week I think I’m going to get tickets for us to see 1984 in Manchester on 19th March (as my birthday present to myself!) so that should be another great weekend!

Oh and I almost forgot – last night I listened for the first time to some Kraftwerk records which someone at work had given me – they are so amazing! I never realised how good they were, having just heard The Model and Autobahn, which I did find slightly boring…but if you listen to whole albums they’re just amazing. My favourite song so far is Trans-Europe Express, I think. Some bits of it are *so* familiar, although I’ve never heard the song before – I don’t know if its just that they influenced so many of the bands I like, or whether its been sampled in a song I know or something. I definitely want to get more of their stuff, might have to get some tomorrow 
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Finally I have a chance to update the books I have read! This week has been a bit strange, as I've been quite stressed out with my OU course. I had to write a 1000 word essay, which I thought would be quite straightforward, but it was harder than I thought, as I ended up writing 1600 words and it was really hard to cut it down. Which really annoyed me, because I actually found the writing of the essay quite easy! Now I think I've got it down to the right amount...well...on one computer its 1127 words and on 1144, so I just have to take out one or two sentences. Apart from that its a really interesting course :)

Now on to the books I've read :)

Books Fourteen to Nineteen )

I am currently reading The Hidden Life of Otto Frank by Carol Ann Lee, its good so far. Last time I started it I couldn't really get into it, but this time it seems ok.

Films 17 and 18 )

I've had a lovely day today, went to see my grandparents in Rochester. Spent part of the day trying to explain to my grandad the different ways to transfer files and photos from his desktop to laptop computer, which was amusing as it always is when he tries to work out technological things..the classic quote today was "This is the slow computer as its not..you know, fast..." :D
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Just a quick entry to remind myself which books I still have to write reviews for - and the film I'm watching at the moment. Its in french so I have to actually watch it (for the subtitles) instead of half watching and listening, so can't really do this at the same time! So far its a good film, but the music seems a bit anachronistic, which is putting me off a little.

Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris - 4
World War One in Postcards by John Laffin - 5
Double Fault by Lionel Shriver - 4
From Newbury With Love edited by Anne Horsburgh-Porter and Marina Aidova - 10
Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah - 8

La Reine Margot

As well as reading all those books, I've also managed to get 5 weeks ahead in my OU course, and have finsihed the first assignment today! woo! :) Although it needs some work - its 1600 words long and only should be 1000!! So quite a bit needs to be cut out.

Will probably be back to update this tomorrow, need to get on with concentrating on the film! :)
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No books or films this time - mainly because I'm reading quite a boring book so its taking me a while to get through it, and plus I haven't been reading or watching films as much as I got all the stuff for the OU course I'm doing. I'm a bit ahead already though - I've already studied the first three chapters and should be on the first assignment, and the course hasn't even officially started yet! (It starts in March). I think I will just press on with it though, while I'm motivated to do it, and then discuss it with the tutor and make changes if I need to. Its really interesting so far, a little bit science-y, but not as much as I thought it would be, so thats good. Have done 2 1/2 hours of studying today, doesn't sound much, but considering I haven't really done any for about 5 years, I'm quite pleased with myself.

Having a bit of a weird day today, Katie went back to uni today, which always makes me feel a bit meh, and we went out to a gig and Slimelight last night, neither of which were as good as they could have been, so we just went home early and got the last train instead of the first train. but oh well. we've got other trips to slimelight planned, so hopefully they'll be better :)
Assemblage 23 at Islington Academy, and Slimelight )

But ah well. Some things are good, some things are bad, thats just how it goes. Its strange writing things in here really, as I don't really know who I'm writing this for - just random people who come along, my online friends, or my real life friends. I've asked my real life friends enough times (Well through facebook) to add me if they have a Livejournal, but none of them seem to have done so. But oh well. I'll just carry on writing, its good practice for essays I suppose!

By the way, if you're just a random, Katie is my sister, we get on really well and I visit her a lot in Huddersfield where she's at uni! :)

Might watch a film tonight I think - after Lark Rise to Candleford that is! :)
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This week I have read lots of books! One of which is now on my top ten of all time list, and one of which really underwhelmed me. The other two were just funny, interesting reads.

Books Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen )

Films 15 and 16 )

In other rather exciting news this week, I signed up for an Open University Course – Starting with Psychology – and received the course materials yesterday. I was a bit worried about how much work there would be, and whether I would be able to do it with working, as I became really unmotivated when I was at uni, but I’ve decided I am going to snap out of my laziness and get on with it! In total I have to write three 1000 word essays / question answers – and as this post is probably over 1000 words, I think I should be able to manage that. I did expect there to be some more books etc, theres just one and a dvd, but it does look really interesting. I’m planning to read each chapter through, and then read it again and make notes on it, and then look at some of my other psychology books (I’ve got a few from my mum when she was getting rid of them at work) and read around the subjects covered in the OU book. I’m really looking forward to it now, as when I’ve done this I will be on the way to getting another degree, which is my aim, as I don’t feel that my other one is good enough to get a job that I want. I’ve got a list of courses that I want to do, so my aim is by the time I’m 30 (5 years!! I feel so old now! :( ) I will have another degree. I hope by then I also will have my own house, a lovely relationship and a job which I really love, but I’ll just concentrate on the degree for now!

This weekend its Assemblage 23 and Slimelight – which should be really excellent! Katie is coming down for it – as well as the rest of the Wendyhouse, it seems, haha – and that is really great, we should know lots of people there. I love Slimelight now it has the goth floor the majority of weeks now – its just that it seems to take up so much of my weekend, as I want a lie in on Saturday and want to just sleep as I’m so tired on Sunday, so that’s why I don’t go as much as I would like to. I really should go more though – I might make some friends there and have some people to go to things in London with, that’d be great :)

I’ve just done the word count on this (as I’m writing it in Word), and its almost 1800 words! I know I go on a bit, but I didn’t know it was that much. So now I think I will end, and will be back again a few days to write about more books and films :)
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You know, I never realised I watched so many films! Although maybe now I’m writing about them, I’m making the effort to watch more. I do feel like I watch a lot of TV as well – but its not just random things, its series that I watch every week – currently Being Human (Sundays, 1 hour), Larkrise to Candleford (Sundays, 1 hour), University Challenge (Mondays, 1/2 hour), and QI (Fridays, 1/2 hour). Just recently there has also been a really interesting programme on the British Family, with episodes on Children, Money, Divorce and…well another one that I can’t remember! It was so interesting, all about how things have changed over the years and how families have changed. I love programmes like that. My favourite series at the moment is Being Human – it is just so amazing!! I don’t even usually like things like that (“supernatural” things) – but, as the title suggests, this is a lot more about how they cope with their issues (of being a werewolf, vampire and ghost) and “being human”, so it’s a good mix. The characters are so likeable and believable. I wish they’d hurry up and explain who the scary looking religious man is though, I really want to know!

But anyway, on with the books and films!

Book Eight – The Slave Ship by Marcus Rediker )

That ends the books I have read in January – I read eight in total, which is a good start. I’ve decided I will read one fiction and then one non-fiction book, otherwise I end up getting bogged down in the non-fiction books and not get on well with the fiction books. I have, amazingly, not bought any books from charity shops since October! (although I have donated money to charity instead, to make up for their loss!) This year I am determined to work through the piles of books I have to read in my bedroom – currently I am reading a book that Kt bought me for Christmas, The Cemetary of Secrets, which is a historical crime book, its great! And then next I have The Life of Graham, biography of Graham Chapman, so that should be good 

Films 13 and 14 )

I think I’m going to have another quiet weekend – it’s the rock night on Friday, but haven’t got anything else planned, so will probably just stay in and read my book. On the Open University website they have short courses which are free for you to print off, so I’m going to work my way through some of them in the next little while – they only take about 4 or 5 hours to do each one. I am definitely thinking of doing an Open University course (probably “Starting with Psychology”) but I’m just a bit worried about if I do it and don’t pass – it would just all be a waste then. Although I definitely need more things on my cv, as its really not that impressive at the moment. I have a degree – but it’s a bad grade, so compared to everyone else who has a degree as well, I need other things to make myself look better. I have found quite a few OU courses that I’d like to do, which is good, I just need to find the courage to go for them and not worry!! I do feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment, so I need to get out and *do* something with myself. I really enjoy the weekends when I go out and go and see Katie and things, but I’m not really doing anything during the week, so I need to do something else. Oh, apart from the quiz on Tuesdays – which we did quite well in on last Tuesday. They have started an extra quiz, which all builds up to a grand final in March, and we are joint first in that at the moment, so that’s excellent so far! Hopefully it’ll continue and we can get into the final – the top prize is £500 
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