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I really love the whole Christmas dinner, I really enjoy roast dinners anyway, and at Christmas when its all a little bit nicer (i.e. more expensive, hehe!) makes it even nicer. My favourite individual things are bread sauce - which we never have any other time of year! - the chicken - we don't have turkey, my mum just buys an expensive chicken from M&S - and the roast potatoes, which my mum somehow manages to make them taste amazing!

We also have this tradition in my family of having croissants on Christmas morning, with butter and strawberry jam. Yummy!

My least favourite, unfortunately, are the main vegetables you have with a Christmas dinner - brussel sprouts and carrots! My mum usually does some other vegetable as well though. Oh and I'm not so keen on Christmas pudding or mince pies - but we have trifle instead!

I'm sure you're all thrilled to know this about my Christmas dinner. haha! I wasn't very excited about Christmas until today, as I had a OU essay which I was finding extremely boring, but I've done that now so can relax a bit. And its not due in until 11th January, so I'm really ahead on the course, which is good as I'm planning to start another one before this one ends! :)
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