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I have almost caught up on my reviews for this year – which is good as it’s nearly the next! Its not a chore to do these reviews, its just that sometimes I feel like I’m not in the mood to write as well as I could do, so I like to wait until I’m in a writing mood! Unfortunately it means that these gig reviews are really late, as I just didn’t feel like I could do them justice. I might actually post some pictures as well – I know I always say that, but I have some great ones of the March Violets gig that I should really post!

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Luxury Stranger at Slimelight, 16th October 2010 )

The March Violets / James Ray’s Gangwar / Faderhead, 13th November 2010 )

Not really a gig, but...Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, Sadler’s Wells, 28th December 2010 )

So that’s it for the gig reviews. This year hasn’t been too good for gigs – I haven’t been to as many as usual, and most of them were bands that I’d already seen before. Next year is already looking excellent though, I’ve got tickets for the following already:

Murderdolls – 12th February (not seen since 2003!)
Rob Zombie – 16th February (woooooo! never seen before!!)
Blancmange :D :D – 15th March (never thought I’d ever see!! Wooo!!)
Bloodstock – 11th – 14th August (Immortal! Haha! I don’t even really know much of their music, but I’m excited about it anyway!!)
The Mission – 22nd October (never seen before!)

I’m also probably going to:

Nachtmahr / Uberbyte – 5th February
Resistanz festival in Sheffield – Covenant, And One, Uberbyte, Suicide Commando and many more!
Manowar if they announce any other dates other than Birmingham!! (such a random place to play! Why not London! Boo!)
DV8 - July – I actually want to go on holiday to York around this festival as I’ve never been there before and it looks lovely, but just need to persuade others to go so it’s cheaper to book a flat / cottage / house.
Whitby – October

Ooh I’m excited about it all already! :)


Nov. 25th, 2010 12:25 pm
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This is a little late, but click here for my views on Whitby this year! )

As this is a hugely long post I’m going to put all the pictures in the next post… :)
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....the world has improved since my last entry.

12 of the Chiliean miners are now free!!!


Haha :D :D

The ticket site suddenly started working again! Its so great :D :D

I'm so excited and the gig isn't until February!!! :D :D
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I had been waiting for years to see Placebo properly (I think I've seen them once before at a festival, but it wasn't too great), so it was great to see them. The evening started well, with my being able to push in right at the front of the queue as I had an O2 phone!! I must remember that for the next gig I go to at an O2 place, haha. Then when I got in there I saw Kassie and Hayley, and so stood with them at the front. The first band were a bit rubbish, a girl singing who sounded like she was trying to be Juliette Lewis - but failed - along with an extremely indie band, so that wasn't too great. They were definately just trying too hard. The second band were better, the music again was a bit meh, but the singer's voice was amazing. He was really wasted in that band, he would have been great in a goth band or something like that. Thinking about it his voice sounded a bit like Peter Murphy+Robert Smith+the guy from Muse. He was also extremely over enthusiastic, and jumped into the crowd during the first song, haha. The crowd seemed to take it quite well though, and didn't let him fall. I think he then tried to jump back onto the stage and missed, as everyone in that bit laughed, but he seemed ok and was laughing about it himself when he got back on stage.

Then after a short interval Placebo came on. It was a bit weird at first, seeing Brian Molko right there, after all the years I've liked them! But he's actually not as good looking now as he used to be, haha, which was a shame! He was also wearing one of those horrible men's V Neck tshirts, which I think is just horrible! Eugh! But anyway. They started with Nancy Boy, which was great. Unfortunately they didn't do Pure Morning, which I really really wanted to hear! It was good though, as even though I don't really know their two latest albums, I still enjoyed the gig. They covered "All Apologies", which was really good, "for absent friends" - so I wonder who that was! I can't remember all the songs exactly, but there were some good ones! In the gap between them going off and coming back on again at the end, guys with clown faces were shooting tshirts into the audience with these gun things which looked like they were gas powered, which I thought was great of them. In the encore this cannon thing near us kept shooting out confetti, which was pretty annoying - it was like watching a gig while it was snowing! Overall the gig was good, but I'd only give it 7.5 / 10 because they didn't play my favourite songs! :)
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Ozzfest, O2 Arena, 18th September 2010

Line Up:

Main Stage – Skindred, Steel Panther, Murderdolls, Korn and Ozzy
2nd Stage - Jettblack, Revoker, Black Spiders, Paradise Lost

Long Review Is Long )
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Argh they annoy me! Not everyone can get on with each other all the time - but surely they can at least speak civilly enough to each other to advance their business ventures. If people don't start talking to each other *everything* will fall apart. Of course I'm talking about Whitby, and the Goth weekend.

Theres so much talk about "official" and "unofficial" events, when really it doesn't seem to be about that now. Its just lots of venues in one place holding goth events, which combine to create the Whitby goth weekend. Plus events at the Abbey, despite being organised by English Heritage does that mean they're "unofficial" as well? :) I think the best plan would be to just create a list of the venues in Whitby which are able to hold events, a list of the people / organisations who wish to hold events, the dates they wish to hold their events on, and match them all up together. I know nothing about promotion of big music events, but this seems the most sensible, so it can all be decided to the benefit of everyone, *and* the goth scene and paying customers. As it's us who lose out the most, through the organisers ineptitude and bickering between themselves. It doesn't seem hard to be able to organise say 3 events on each evening - two band events and one club event - which should give enough choice for everyone. And if I think about it there are at least three music venues and two nightclubs (and thats not even counting the Spa).

Ah I don't know. I hope that even if there isn't anything "official" (argh that word again!) someone will still organise something in April and something in October. I really like Whitby as a town, and for somewhere to go on holiday, its really lovely. Or we could all just go to DV8 in York, as that sounds like an equally lovely city, and it was apparently excellent this year and had some great bands on!

Gig Review

Sep. 15th, 2010 12:01 pm
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I'm having a really frustrating day at work so I thought I'd do some more writing on here!

I've just found some notes I wrote while I was Infest and I totally forgot to include them in my review - including the very exciting fact that I literally bumped into the singer from Rotersand :D :D Can't believe I forgot that, haha. Also, the sexist sign in the car park had gone! (Women only on this side!) Which is good, as I have no idea why it was there in the first place.

The main point of this post is a review of a gig I went to aaaages ago - shows how far behind I am in reviewing all my books and films!

Peter Murphy - Dingwalls, 5th August 2010 )

Might have to do another post now - just found a note of some fascinating facts that I learnt about London when I went on a bus tour around the city, but this entry is a bit long to put them in here too! :)
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FOR SALE: One ticket for Placebo on Monday 27th September, 2010, at Brixton Academy, London.

I bought this for a friend and she now can't go.

I'd like £35 for it, which includes recorded delivery (or signed for - can't remember the differences between them but I'll look it up, or please say which you'd like!) and paypal fees. I think on the ticket sites the ticket is £30, but then with fees etc (£5 a ticket on ticketmaster, and then postage on top of that!!!) it pushes the price up unfortunately :(

I will be posting this on either Thursday 16th or Saturday 18th September.

I really want to get rid of this so make an offer, or I may even part trade..although I really shouldn't!

Crossposted to a few other places.
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Infest, 27th to 29th August 2010, Bradford Uni )
In summary – it was great and I can’t wait for next year!! :D
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I'm very behind on my book and film reviews, but I'm going to write about this while it was quite recently!

Bloodstock, 13th to 15th August, 2010 )
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Book Sixty Four - Dracula The Un-dead by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt )

Film 41 - Repo! The Genetic Opera )

Book Sixty Five - Alastair McLean's UNAC - Hostage Tower by John Denis )

Gigs - Bad Pollyanna, The Mumbles, Specimen / Gene Loves Jezebel )

The new series of Who Do You Think You Are started on UK TV on Monday. It followed Bruce Forsyth as he tried to find out what happened to his great-grandfather, as he had recieved a letter from an american relative saying that he was a bigamist! I thought the story was really interesting, especially towards the end, and I liked the way it showed how you can use so many different types of documents (eg certificates, census, passenger lists, trade directories etc) to find out your information. One thing I wasn't so sure of is that Bruce seemed a bit fake at first, like he wasn't really *that* interested in what was being found out, but he got more interested towards the end. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series! :)

It was also Katie's graduation last week, which was lovely. A lot nicer than mine! I just wanted to go home and get away from uni, but Katie's was nice as she was surrounded by her friends and everyone was happy! The only annoying thing was that Patrick Stewart, the chancellor of the Uni, was not there, he was on the first day of graduations, but only attends one day each year apparently. After the graduation ceremony we went for dinner in a lovely pub in Holmfirth - and the portions were huge! Katie had a "jumbo" fish and chips (the only option for that dish - no small or medium! :) ) and it was the biggest bit of fish I've ever seen, haha. After that we (well, me and Katie, not our parents!) went to Warehouse, where it was a kareoke night. Which was quite amusing!

Last night it was my friend's hen night - I wasn't sure about it at first as it was a barn dance and I've never been to one of those before!! But it was fun, and funny watching everyone do the harder and harder dances. Then we went to the Function Rooms, which although it has a reputation of being a bit rubbish, was quite good! They have good music there on a Saturday, playing 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Although I think I would have preferred more 80s than 70s and 90s, there were still some great songs played!

Anyway...am currently watching Harry Potter and I think Sirius is about to die!!! So will be back later with more reviews! :)
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Another update...now fully updated! :D

Book Forty Two - Birdman by Mo Hayder )

Gig at Slimelight featuring Nightporter, The Mumbles, Luxury Stranger and Voices of Masada, with XP8 during the night )

Gig - Anathema )

Book Forty Three - The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold )

Book Forty Four - The People's Manifesto by Mark Thomas )

Book Forty Five - The Last Dickins by Matthew Pearl )

Book Forty Six - I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne )

To keep up with my goal for the year (10 books a month), I'll have to read four more books by Monday...I might read 3, but 4 might be a bit much! For the last few weeks the Times has been giving away books with it, a few of them look really good, and some are lesser known novels by famous authors, so they should be good. I might read a few of these to catch up as they are quite short! :)

Currently watching the second part of "Money", the adaptation of Martin Amis' novel, starring Nick Frost. I haven't read the book, but I have quite enjoyed the adaptation. Plus it has lots of great 80s music, even the mainstream stuff is really good. Hmm now they seem to be in the Winchester..haha.

This OU Archaeology course I'm doing is quite different from the other course, theres a lot more things to actually do and work out instead of it just being reading, but it is interesting. Although it has made me glad I didn't choose to do archaeology at uni - its a bit too much maths and science rather than just history. But still good! :)
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Book Forty - On The Road by Jack Kerouac )

Book Forty One - Hitler and The Holocaust by Robert S Wistrich )

Film 28 - Hunger )

Film 29 - Remember the Secret Policeman's Ball )

I also caught up on "A Passionate Woman" which we had recorded from the TV a little while ago. It was great. Billie Piper played a young woman in the 50s who had an affair with a man who was shot by his wife when she found out he was having an affair, and then Sue Johnson played the same character in the 80s, still with her husband and still thinking about the other man she loved. All the actors were excellent, and it was a great study on "love" and why you stay in your relationships.

I'm currently reading "Birdman" by Mo Hayder, which although its good, I always think Mo Hayder's books go into a little too much detail about the sick side of the serial killers, instead of just focusing on the police investigation. I have read another of her books before, and I thought it was just that one, but its the same in this one too. But it is still good despite that, and, as with most crime books, I'll probably finish it today or tomorrow!

Slimelight again tonight - woo! :) I've been quite a few times recently, which is great! I really love it, now they've improved and refurbished bits of it its probably my favourite club. The mix of music is great, the drinks are cheap, it goes on for a good amount of time - and with an added bonus that tonight there are going to be five bands on - four goth bands before, and then XP8 during the night. The main goth band is Voices of Masada, playing their last gig (so I hope they aren't *too* good so that I feel bad that I've missed them before, haha), and I'm also looking forward to seeing The Mumbles, which is a band of a guy I used to talk to on vampirefreaks. They also fully show their influences - their record label is called "Mumbling Release" - I wonder where they got that from! :D
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Film 27 - Jesus Christ Superstar )

Book Thirty Nine - Riders on the Storm by John Densmore )

I’m just about to start “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac, I’ve read good things about it so I hope its good.

Oh and I bought tickets to see the March Violets today, woo! :D I can’t wait to see them again, especially as when I saw them in 2007 they said that was their only gig! And I will definitely buy a tshirt this time – I really regret not getting one last time.

Other good news...well good for me, not so much for other people...is that XP8 are playing at Slimelight on 15th May! I was planning to go anyway as there are some goth bands playing before Slimelight and the ticket gives free entry, so that’s a nice added bonus. They were meant to be playing in Sheffield that night, so that’s a bit rubbish about that gig being cancelled though – it seems like the Corporation have done that a few times. Although to be honest I don’t really mind, the less times we have to go to the Corporation the better really, as although it’s a good place for bands, its atrocious to get to and from!
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I mentioned in my last book entry that I had to read five books in a week to keep up with my target - well I almost achieved it! Although I did cheat a little by reading crime books, which take me about 2 days to read each! And the other book I read was a very stereotypical one..haha.

Book Thirty Five - Dracula by Bram Stoker )

Book Thirty Six - The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen )

Book Thirty Seven - Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs )

These are all the books I've read in April - and I think I'm going to post a link to the reviews on the Bookish community now. Not sure whether they're going to shoot my reviews down in flames, but I'll see! And it might get more people reading and commenting on them, which would be good.

I'm currently reading Riders On The Storm, by John Densmore. Its about the Doors, and by the drummer of the Doors, so its really good so far (about half way in). I like to read books about bands by the bands themselves, otherwise things do probably get misreported.

Oh and I went to a gig! :)
Gig - Code 64 at Slimelight )

Apart from that, Slimelight was excellent. Its been great the last few times I've been, I really want to go more often. The food is great as well - which seems a weird thing to say about a club, but its such a good idea to have food! Sophy had some really lovely chilli with rice. Such a shame that Katie can't come back from uni more and go though :( But when she comes back we will definately have to go! :)

Today I haven't really done anything as in going out, but its been a very productive day - I wrote my last essay for my current OU course, even though I can't submit it until June!! So now I'm going to go and look for another one to do. I think I will do another 10 point course, probably the Archaeology one as I've always been interested in that, and then the Heritage course, but after that I'm not sure whether to concentrate on psychology courses, or just do ones which I am interested in..I might try one of the level one courses which you have to do for the Psychology degree, and see what thats like. Is it sad to get exciting about degrees and studying though, because I am! :D

Whitby! :)

May. 2nd, 2010 05:47 pm
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The Whitby Goth Weekend in April 2010 is the next exciting thing I'm going to write about! :) It was only the second time we (me and Katie) had been, and will definately definately be going again! :)

We didn't get a ticket to the main event - at £40 for 6 bands I thought it was quite expensive, and there wasn't anyone I really wanted to see playing. Instead, we went to the Transmission night at the Met on Friday evening, the Costume Ball at the Met on Saturday, and to see Uberbyte at the Shambles on Sunday.

We got there ok on Friday, despite my atrocious direction following (NOT map reading - I'm good at reading the map, but just not the printed directions from multimap!) which meant we went the wrong way for a while....and the slight panic when an accident on the A171 meant we couldn't go the way we wanted to. But I map-read us out of that problem! :) We arrived too late to check in the hotel at lunchtime, so we just parked at the Leisure Centre Car Park and looked around some of the stalls, meeting up with Rob and Gemma for a while as well. Again I was disappointed that there was no vinyl for sale, but maybe that was a good thing otherwise I would have spent much more money than I did. As it was I just bought three cds from the Resurrection Records stall, from the sale section so they were £5 each! :)

The hotel was really lovely, such a nice room! We have one booked for October already (a different hotel), but maybe we'll go back next April :) There was a great idea for breakfast, as it was just put in a basket outside your room so you could have it any time you got up, instead of having to get up at a certain time, which was good! In the evening we met up with Katie's friend Emma and her friends (they were staying in the same hotel) and went to the Fish and Chip restaurant we went to in October. It was nice, again, and I again had Whitby Scampi, hehe :) Some of Emma's friends had some great steampunk outfits. There did seem to be a lot more steampunk dressed people around, and although I don't think I'd wear it (I prefer black and silver to brown and gold! :) ) it looks amazing. There were generally lots of lovely dressed goth people walking around, although less than in October. Looking around the shops on Saturday a little old man said how lovely our outfits were, it was really sweet, hehe. He generally sounded really impressed by everyone's outfits, hehe.

The night at the Met was good, some excellent music was played, a good mix of goth and 80s. It was a bit annoying as it was advertised as going on until 2am but closed at 1am, but it was still good. The costume ball on Saturday was great as well, we went as a queen bee (Katie) and a ladybird (me!). There was a guy disturbingly dressed in one of those...oh I can't remember what they are called, but like one of Sacha Baron Cohen's characters wears (I think)...it was horrible! Although he knew that so deliberatly stayed by the entrance so everyone was disturbed as they came in! Someone dressed as a gravestone won the "horror" catagory, a girl won the Superheros catagory, although I'm not sure who she was supposed to be! Her hair was all standing up on the top of her head (apparently it was dreads coiled round a wire frame) which looked great. and someone dressed as Osama Bin Laden won the "other" catagory. Some more good music was played here as well.

On Sunday we walked up to the Abbey, although didn't go into it, and had tea, which was nice :) The weather was really lovely so it was really nice to just walk around. Not so sure about all the goths posing on the gravestones though, I don't really like that. But that reminds me - I compiled a Goth I-Spy for Katie, it was great! :D And that was one thing I was going to add for next year, as well as Monks, a matching goth couple, and a few other things! :) Oh! and while we were sitting on the sea front (eating icecreams!) we saw goths bungee jumping!!! For a charity I think. It was a bit scary to watch though, I don't know why anyone would want to do it!!

Uberbyte's gig was really great. They played at the Shambles, which was a big pub on the side of the harbour bit - probably the only gig I've been to where I've been able to see the sea and the band at the same time! :) They played some great songs, and quite a few good new ones, I'm looking forward to hearing their new album, i think its out sometime this month. It was good to see there were lots of goths who like cyber as well as goth :) I actually got a couple of quite good pictures well, which was suprising as my gig pictures are usually just blurs! We spoke to them a bit after the gig as well, which was nice. All over the pub there were adverts for the DV8 festival, in York in July. It really looks great, theres some great bands/people playing, with a goth stage, industrial stage and a punk stage, all for £45. I really want to go, but need to find an affordable hotel first! :)

Whitby was really great, such a "nice" weekend. That is usually such a wishy washy word, but it was just so nice! So relaxing, and so nice to see everyone dressed up and everything. It always encourages me to wear more nice "goth" clothes and dress up more! Although not sure if I'll be able to do that as much now as I've broken my beautiful purple boots :( :( but its just the zip so I'm going to take them to the shoe place and hopefully get them fixed!

I've written quite a lot so I think I'll stop there, but might come back and edit it if I think of anything else cool we saw!
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This is quite a while ago, but I thought I'd write a bit about the Gotham 11 festival held at Islington Academy on 10th April.

I'd never been to it before, despite there being some good bands playing in previous years, but I think I'll go again, there was a good mix of bands, although it wasn't as goth as I was expecting. At first I was a bit annoyed as I wanted to see Legion, who were on first, then wasn't really bothered about anything until Clan of Xymox, but I'm glad I saw them all now, they were mostly good.

Legion )

Until I Wake )

Greenhaus )Alter Red )

Rhombus )

Layhanna )

The Eden House )

Clan of Xymox )

Overall, it was a really good day...and then we went to Slimelight, which was just brilliant! :) I wasn't sure at first whether Rob would like to stay out all night, but he did, and seemed to really enjoy it, so that was great. The goth floor was excellent as normal, and because the gig gave free entry to Slimelight after there was a good amount of people there. There were also a couple of bands on - Zeitgeist Zero and Ghost of Lemora. Zeitgeist Zero were ok, but a bit too, well I'm not sure what the genre is, but its something I don't like! Ghost of Lemora I've seen before and didn't like, so just caught the end of them and their drunken singer staggering around the stage!

All in all, an excellent day and night :)
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No books or films this time - mainly because I'm reading quite a boring book so its taking me a while to get through it, and plus I haven't been reading or watching films as much as I got all the stuff for the OU course I'm doing. I'm a bit ahead already though - I've already studied the first three chapters and should be on the first assignment, and the course hasn't even officially started yet! (It starts in March). I think I will just press on with it though, while I'm motivated to do it, and then discuss it with the tutor and make changes if I need to. Its really interesting so far, a little bit science-y, but not as much as I thought it would be, so thats good. Have done 2 1/2 hours of studying today, doesn't sound much, but considering I haven't really done any for about 5 years, I'm quite pleased with myself.

Having a bit of a weird day today, Katie went back to uni today, which always makes me feel a bit meh, and we went out to a gig and Slimelight last night, neither of which were as good as they could have been, so we just went home early and got the last train instead of the first train. but oh well. we've got other trips to slimelight planned, so hopefully they'll be better :)
Assemblage 23 at Islington Academy, and Slimelight )

But ah well. Some things are good, some things are bad, thats just how it goes. Its strange writing things in here really, as I don't really know who I'm writing this for - just random people who come along, my online friends, or my real life friends. I've asked my real life friends enough times (Well through facebook) to add me if they have a Livejournal, but none of them seem to have done so. But oh well. I'll just carry on writing, its good practice for essays I suppose!

By the way, if you're just a random, Katie is my sister, we get on really well and I visit her a lot in Huddersfield where she's at uni! :)

Might watch a film tonight I think - after Lark Rise to Candleford that is! :)


Aug. 26th, 2008 11:01 pm
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As i'd never been there before, I had absolutely no idea what to expect...but it was great :D

(apart from having to sleep on the floor!)

Only two things I'd personally do differently next year - I'd go see more bands, as this year I only went to see the ones i'd heard of, and I will make more of an effort to dress up more! Even though Katie made me some lovely skirts, I was getting really bored of V-neck tshirts by the end of the weekend! Must start saving money now i think....

Was amazing to have so many people all in one place who liked such great music! And One were brill, Front 242, I can see why people like them and why they're iconic etc, but I did find them a little boring to watch.
I like to dance! :) Deviant UK and Skinjob (bands i'd heard of but not seen before) were amazing! Just going to buy their cds now :D

And I made friends with some cool people (and a band :D ) , which was surprising as I don't usually do that, chat with random people i mean.
But Katie did help as they all (well some of them) recognised her from Combichrist! I think its the hair!

But all in all it was a great weekend. The party / club in D block of Arkwright was excellent...I really just expected it to be a bloke in the corner with a cd player, but really wasn't, haha. Although I continue to be naive enough not to notice when people have taken things they shouldn't....but *shrugs* ...as long as they don't make me do it!

Will made a better journal / bulletin about it when I have my pictures back...and might have to do one about Bloodstock (which couldn't have been more different, hehe!) as well! :)
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I've had a brill weekend!

First the amusingness of the Eurovision on Saturday, then Sunday went to see Panzer AG with Katie in London - ah they were so brilliant! And Andy LaPleuga looks so young! He's great :)

And the after that we went to Club Noir at the Electric Ballroom - ended up staying for 2 hours more than we planned to...and being the only ones on the bus on the way home! :)

and Andy LaPleuga DJed, and played some good stuff...and I've finally found out that the "exterminate annihilate destroy" song that I really like is by Rotersand! They're the next band on my list to see if they play! :)

Might be going to Slimelight next week, to see some bands - I'm undecided about it though!
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