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....and I've never felt so strongly anti-Catholic. Despite not being Catholic (I consider myself Christian), I went to a Catholic school and some of the hypocrisy shown there was just disgusting. I remember having to write several essays over my years there about why I didn't want to go to the Masses they had, in which I explained it was because I came to the school for their high level of educational standards and (supposed) Christian ethic, not for the Catholic teaching. There are so many beliefs of theirs which I disagree with, even though I agree with other branches of the Christian faith. Why can't women be ordained as priests? Why do they basically "worship" the Pope when they believe theres a perfectly good God they can talk to. Why are they so incredibly stupid about contraception? Why do they think that all their sins are "forgiven" just because their priest tells them to say a few Hail Marys?

I also don't get why everyone is making such a huge fuss about the Pope coming here. Its not like he's a recluse who only comes out of his house a few times a year. If you go to Rome you can see him take Mass in St Peter's Square every Wednesday (I think its Wednesday), like we did when we went there - although we didn't go see him because he's The Pope, just because he's another "famous" person to add to our list!! I know its all the way across Europe, but I think Catholics are supposed to make pilgrimages to places, and you would think Rome would be pretty high on their list!

But anyway. Less of that annoying topic! The next book I'm due to review I read so long ago that I actually can't remember what its about!! Which probably means it wasn't too great. So I'll have to go home and read the back so I can write a review of it. I'm almost catching up though, as I seem to be reading slower - but maybe I'm reading less as I've been doing so much OU work recently. Just finishing off the last few bits on my Archaeology questions, and then I have the Intro to Social Sciences course to start, which looks good! Not really sure where to start with it yet though - theres a textbook, and then two "study guides", 6 cds / DVDs and a booklet with the questions in....maybe I'll start with the questions.

Katie is coming home tomorrow, yay! and then we're going to Ozzfest at the O2 Arena on Saturday. Well, I hope we're going, as I've just read that the Ozzy concert in Germany tonight has been cancelled as Ozzy has a bad back.....but hopefully *something* will still go ahead even if Ozzy has to pull out. Ah well...we will wait and see!!

Edited to Add: I've just noticed that all the adverts on my LJ at the moment are advertising scientology!! I seem to get either ones advertising that, or ones written in Hebrew - how do they choose what adverts are on each persons page??


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