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May. 27th, 2011 03:42 pm
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Books from 9th May to 26th May 2011

Book 79 – The End of the Affair by Graham Greene - this was a nice little read, interesting to see how the events affected everyone, but then the ending was a bit strange!

Book 80 – The Immoralist by Andre Gide - never heard of this author before, but this was excellent. I really enjoyed seeing how the main character saw things and how his feelings changed throughout the book.

Book 81 – The Quiet American by Graham Greene - This was good too, although slightly confusing as when it went back and forward in time to before and after he was killed. I will definitely be reading more books by Graham Greene though.

Book 82 – Strictly Private – a collection of poems by Roger McGough - This was good, a collection for teenagers organised around several themes.

Book 83 – The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood - This book is so amazing!! I really love how the book slowly reveals the world, leaving little hints and recollections of the world before and how different it is now. I love books about “other worlds” similar to our own but slightly different, and this is a great example of one.

Book 84 – New Volume by Roger McGough, Adrian Henri and Brian Pattern - another good collection of poems, although some of them were repeated in the other book of poems I read by these poets.

Book 85 – The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell - This is just “popular fiction”, but its great. One of those ones which starts with two separate stories and as the book goes on they gradually come together, with little hints being dropped, but you can’t work out whats going on until the end. Some excellent descriptions of people’s feelings.

Book 86 – Blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris - The story of a man and some murders through a website similar to livejournal…this wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, it was quite vague and a bit confusing. But ok.

Book 87 – A Week In December by Sebastian Faulks - Following the lives of several separate people in London over a week. Too many descriptions of banking practices, and finance things, but otherwise its good, and as you go towards the end you’re really not sure how it will end up!

Book 88 - He's Still Here: The Biography of Joaquin Phoenix by Martin Howden - This was ok, not the best biography that I’ve ever read. He had an interesting childhood though, very hippyish!

Book 89 - Breakfast on Pluto by Patrick McCabe - This was quite disappointing, I like the film, but the book is all over the place and very confusing. Its more like the main character’s thoughts instead of separate incidents.

Book 90 – Oscar Wilde and the Candelight Murders by Gyles Brandreth - This was a nice little historical crime novel, starring some historical characters including Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle. A bit Sherlock Holmes-ish, which was nice.

Book 91 – The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton - a re-read for my book club. One of those mystery type ones which goes back and forward in time and gradually reveals what is going on. Influenced by The Secret Garden. It was good!

Wow. Well it does look like that I’ve read 91 books this year – but not 91 “proper” adult books! I’ve read 91 books in total, but “proper” adult novels is a lot less, as a lot of them were childrens or poetry, which aren’t any less good than adult novels of course, but they do take me a lot less time to read. I’m pleased I’m getting through so many books though, as I now can actually tell that I’m getting through the piles of books I have to read in my bedroom, which is good!

In terms of other “media”, I still haven’t got round to writing reviews of all the films I’ve seen so far, but the last one I saw was Pirates of the Caribbean 4, in the cinema, which was actually great! I really enjoyed the first three and the new one is just as good. There haven’t been many films which have come out recently which I have wanted to see, so I’m glad it was good. Plus I’ve also just discovered the series “Are You Being Served”, and it is so great!! So funny, I love it! :D Can’t believe I’ve never got into it before. I think its because the characters are so well drawn and have such distinct, erm, characters, its really good. I’m really into “characters” at the moment, as I’ve read some books with some really good characters in as well.

In terms of general life things, generally happy at the moment…going to Slimelight for a friend’s birthday tomorrow, which should be great! Also another friend who has only recently got into EBM / industrial music is coming along with their friends, which should also be great, I haven’t seen them for a while. Oh and I’ve just started my next OU course, its one which is just psychology, and from what I’ve read so far is really interesting! I’m really looking forward to working through it. The last essay for the previous course was incredibly boring, so I’m really glad I’ve got that all done now!


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