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My name is Ruth, and I am 25 years old.

I like goth music - The Sisters Of Mercy, Bauhaus, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The March Violets, Siouxsie and the Banshees etc. I also like EBM / industrial (Covenant, Uberbyte, VNV Nation, Panzer AG, Faderhead etc) and some metal (Paradise Lost, Opeth, Black Sabbath and similar). I also have a wide taste in music from the 1960s to 1980s - The Beatles, The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel and classic rock being some of my favourites.

I like going out and dancing with my friends - in various places, some of my favourites are Slimelight (London), The Wendyhouse (Leeds), Whitby Goth Weekend (both April and October), Infest Festival, and Bloodstock Open Air.

I like reading lots of books, and watching lots of films. My current aim is to read 120 books this year (as of 6th October I am on 86!).

I always try to be the best friend I can be, although its hard sometimes when I feel that people don't appreciate me for who I am. But for those I love, I am always there.

I use this journal to review books I have read, films I have seen, gigs I have been to and places I have gone, as well as my thoughts and opinions about things, so I hope you find it interesting! If you add me as a friend, please comment and let me know.

My sister designs and makes chainmail jewellery and other items, tailored clothes including corsets and high quality fancy dress costumes - please search for Ktbwednesday on Facebook or click the link below:

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Interests (149):

1984, alice in chains, and one, andrew eldritch, andrew lloyd webber, apoptygma bezerk, bauhaus, big chunky boots, bill bailey, black sabbath, bloodstock festival, bruce dickinson, camden, car boot sales, charity shops, cj sansom, clockwork orange, covenant, crosses, depeche mode, donna tartt, dylan moran, edgar wright, edward scissorhands, electric ballroom, faderhead, family guy, family history, family trees, fields of the nephilim, fight club, flying pickets, gabriel garcia marquez, gary numan, george orwell, giving presents, going to gigs, gothic styles of dress, guys with long hair, hemel hempstead, history, huddersfield, iain banks, icanhascheezburger, icon of coil, inferno, infest festival, iron maiden, jack off jill, jerry cantrell, joanne harris, john cleese, johnny depp, joy division, kate atkinson, killing joke, kmfdm, ladytron, laibach, lava lamps, leeds, legion, listening to music, lolnin, london after midnight, love and rockets, making people happy, mansun, marilyn manson, maxdmyz, meeting famous people, megadeth, metallica, michael palin, monty python, mortiis, motorhead, murderdolls, music, musicals, my dying bride, never mind the buzzcocks, nin, nine inch nails, norwich, old buildings, open university, opeth, owen wilson, ozzy osbourne, panzer ag, paradise lost, peter murphy, photography, placebo, playing in the snow, postsecret, psychology, pulp fiction, qi, quentin tarantino, rachel stamp, rammstein, reading, readitswapit, red dwarf, red lorry yellow lorry, requiem for a dream, rob brydon, rob zombie, robert smith, rotersand, selling things, shaun of the dead, silver jewelry, simon pegg, sin city, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, slimelight, soft cell, squishy things, steve buscemi, supergrass, swapping books, the 69 eyes, the azoic, the breakfast club, the cult, the cure, the doors, the faint, the mission, the mumbles, the royal tenenbaums, the wendyhouse, theatre, this is england, trent reznor, type o negative, uberbyte, velvet, vnv nation, watching films, wes anderson films, whitby, whitby goth weekend, whodoyouthinkyouare, winnie the pooh
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