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Lots and lots of books for sale, and a few dvds. Books £3 each (unless stated), with discounts if you want more than one, dvds £2. I accept paypal. I will be posting on Saturday. If you'd like a picture let me know and I will take one (although it will be later today as I'm at work at the moment!) :)

All books are in good condition, some only read once, some are ex-library and some a bit aged (the pages are yellowed a bit, but are in otherwise good condition).

Some classics, crime, books like the Female Eunuch etc. Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Will trade for Chalet School books, an Opeth tshirt (large) or a maglite torch :)

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Who Do You Think You Are (guide to tracing your family history) - large paperback - £4

White Line Fever - Lemmy (Motorhead biography) - ex-library hardback, dust cover good condition

The Seventies in Pictures - medium hardback, read once

First Childhood - Lord Berners - small hardback, read once

The Female Eunuch - Germaine Greer - old paperback, but good condition

Running with Scissors - Augusten Burroughs - paperback, read once

Semi-Detached - Griff Rhys Jones - paperback, read once

Beautiful People - Simon Doonan - paperback, read once


Tipping the Velvet - Sarah Waters - paperback, slightly aged but good condition

The Last Dickens - Matthew Pearl - paperback, read once

Vernon God Little - DBC Pierre - paperback, read once

The Wife - Meg Wolitzer - paperback, uncorrected proof

The Close - Martina Cole - paperback, slightly aged but good condition

The Common Lawyer - Mark Gimenez - paperback, read once

A Quiet Belief in Angels - RJ Ellory - paperback, read once

Southern Cross - Patricia Cornwell - paperback, slightly aged but good condition

Killing Floor - Lee Child - paperback, tatty around the edges

The Green Mile - Stephen King - paperback, read once

Self's Punishment - Bernhard Schlink and Walter Popp writing as Thomas Richter, hardback, read once

The Torturers Apprentice - John Bigenet - hardback, read once

The Girl at the Lion d'Or - Sebastian Faulks - paperback, slightly aged but good condition

Howards End - EM Forster - paperback, slightly aged but good condition

The Bone Garden - Tess Gerritsen - paperback, read once

Breakfast on Pluto - Patrick McCabe - hardback, ex library

Easter - Michael Arditti - paperback, read once

The Necropolis Railway - Andrew Martin - paperback, read once

Imperium - Robert Harris - paperback, read once

A Fool's Alphabet - Sebastian Faulks - paperback, slightly aged but good condition

The Cemetary of Secrets - David Hewson - paperback, read once

Never Tell - Claire Seeber - paperback, read once

I'll Go To Bed At Noon - Gerard Woodward - hardback, read once

Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders - Gyles Brandreth - paperback, ex library

Red Dragon - Thomas Harris - paperback, tatty around the edges

I also have many other books, lots of "classics", popular fiction and historical fiction mainly, so if you're looking for anything let me know and I will see if I have it :)



The Full Monty

Che Part One (Part Two also available, though I haven't watched it yet so you might have to wait til the day after for me to post it! :) )

A Very Long Engagement (rental copy)

Bowling for Colombine

House of 1000 Corpses

The Beach


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