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I've posted this on whatwasthisbook, but that always takes a while to post, so I thought I'd ask here in the meantime! :)

I keep thinking of lots of picture books I read in my childhood that I'd like to read again! I think this one was illustrated, and maybe also written, by Posy Symmonds, but I couldn't be sure. It was probably out mid 80s to mid 90s kind of time. Its kind of softly illustrated, not blurry but with soft pencil strokes. Its about a little girl, who I think is at a wedding and eats too much cake, or pudding or something, and then somehow ends up flying through the sky - like through the milky way, but all over the sky was chocolate buttons and marshmallows and things like that. I'm not sure what she was flying on - something flat like a flying carpet maybe! But I think she does have a friend with her, but I'm not sure if this was another child or a teddy or something. And I can't remember what else happens in the book!

Does that ring any bells with anyone? :)

Also, My mum remembers a book from when she was young (no later than late 60s, probably early to mid 60s) which involved a koala bear, who had come from Australia - she remembers a picture of him walking down a gangplank - and who at one point ate the soap and spoke in bubbles! I *think* the illustration was similar to Sherwood walks home: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_JR5iLzMobys/S9pGVQPQqTI/AAAAAAAACYc/jzeGn_CkdoA/s1600/Sherwood_chain.jpg but I couldn't be certain on that. If anyone knows what this is and it leads to me buying the book for my mum I will be eternally grateful :D


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