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I really really wanted one of these:

because everyone else seemed to have one! well they had one at playgroup anyway :D But instead, my parents got us this:

which was actually, I realise now, so much better as you could do so much more with it :) I don't think I'd get one of them now though...mainly because I don't know where I'd put it, haha :)

I also really really really *really* wanted on of these:

(although I don't remember her being quite so staring!) and I remember one year getting everything on my Christmas List apart from this...haha. I wasn't spoiled at all (it wasn't a long list!) just lucky to have parents who were able to buy lovely things for us, so thats why I think these two things stand out, because we were generally satisfied with everything else! Plus our cousins seemed to have every toy - every My Little Pony, every Sylvanian Family, every Keepers toy (does anyone remember them??) so we always had fun playing with all their toys every time we saw them.

oh and then there were all the big cars and bikes that you always had to play on when you went to Toys R Us...but that was never a realistic want! :)


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