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It was when me and my family went to Eurodisney (as it was called then!) when I was 8. It was the first time I'd been abroad, first time I'd been on a plane, and it was a total surprise! My dad woke me and my sister up at 4am, and told us were going somewhere (my first thought was that he had lost his job, as he worked away at that time, although I don't know why that explained us being woken up at that time!!) In the car I had no idea where we were going, until we started to see more signs for the airport (it must have been Luton I think). Although I then didn't know where we were actually going by plane until my mum put the tags on the luggage!!! It was *so* exciting!! :D We stayed at the cowboy themed hotel, and have some great pictures of us there, especially as it was my sister's 5th birthday while we were there! so we have the customary "in bed opening presents" picture. And a lovely picture of us both running towards the entrance of Disney! It was such a lovely holiday, and such a wonderful surprise! I will definitely do something like this for my children when I have them! :)
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