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I think this must be a more American question...whats a TSA and why would they be patting anyone down?? haha.

Can't wait for the new Harry Potter though! Just trying to organise my friends to go....although I may be going on my own at this rate! But thats ok, if I go with other people I get the urge to ask them questions about the film all the way through, which probably annoys everyone - but if I go on my own I have to save all my questions until I talk to someone else who's seen it, haha. Its so weird that its all coming to the end though, after all these years! I was planning to read the last book again before this film came out, but I don't think I'll have time now, but maybe I'll read it before the next one comes out.

I really wanted to see Burke and Hare as well, but I think as it didn't get very good reviews, its not on anymore, which is a shame! I wasn't sure about it because of the reviews, but then again Run Fat Boy Run got a bad review, and I love that!

Actually, all this talk of films has reminded me of some reviews I still need to do...am getting a bit behind again! I currently have 3 films, 2 books, Whitby, and one gig to write about...maybe if I have time I'll do it later :)
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