Jun. 10th, 2011

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Russia. I'd love to visit there! It seems like a fascinating country with a fascinating history. Plus Vladivostok is just a great name for a place, I want to go there :D

I really want at some point to go by train from London to Beijing, going through Russia, I'm hoping I can get to a point in my life where it can be one of those "holiday of a lifetime" type things and I can take 4 weeks off work to go on it (or more!). I'm not keen on flying, but I love travelling by train, it would be so interesting! I looked up the price of the train to go from London to Moscow the other day - and it was between £300 - £400, which is a lot cheaper than I expected - considering it costs about £100 to get from London to Glasgow.

Its kind of a dream, but I know it can be a reality, I am capable of saving up enough money for something like this - so its quite exciting to think about really! :)


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